Motivated CFI - 7 Day Availibility

Motivated CFI - 7 Day Availibility

Cameron W


Currently I am a CFI with Rocky Mountain Flight Schools and Bell Ornithopters Flying Club​,​ Inc.(as well as a member). Both are based out of Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport - KBJC. Mainly train in Pipers and Cessnas I am Happy to Help with: -Primary Training(PPL) -Commercial Ratings -Flight Reviews -Complex and High Performance Endorsements -Crosswind and Gusting Takeoff and Landing proficiency; It is Colorado After all! Instrument Instruction: will be rated February 2021

Lesson Type

  • Private Pilot Instruction
  • Commercial Pilot Instruction
  • High Performance / Complex Instruction
  • Mountain Checkout
  • Aircraft Checkout
  • Night Training

Aircraft Type

  • Single Engine


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