Experienced CFI serving greater Colorado Springs
Matthew G
Matthew G

Experienced CFI serving greater Colorado Springs

Matthew G


Private​,​ Instrument​,​ Commercial SEL instruction​,​ all levels of ground instruction​,​ mountain flight and tail wheel. Available as multi-engine safety pilot.

Lesson Type

  • Private Pilot Instruction
  • Instrument Pilot Instruction
  • Commercial Pilot Instruction
  • High Performance / Complex Instruction
  • Mountain Checkout
  • Aircraft Checkout
  • Safety Pilot
  • Tailwheel Endorsement
  • Night Training
  • FAA Wings Credit

Aircraft Type

  • Single Engine
  • Multi Engine


Reviews (2)

  • JF

    Flew a cross country to Albuquerque at 15500 ft together. Matt instructed me on the operation of oxygen and high altitude flying which will be a great skill to have flying at the attitudes often required in Colorado. We also continued to work on plane trim to free pilot capacity for the other work required in the high performance aircraft (navigation, radios, descent planning, etc). Looking forward to getting out again soon!

    John FJanuary 2021

  • Garth F

    It was great flying with Matt. He even drove up to BJC to meet me for a flight because I'm not authorized by insurance to fly the Bonanza without a CFI yet. He has a fantastic feel for the plane (e.g., amazing balance & trim) and was able to provide some great tips. Looking forward to going out with him again soon!

    Garth FDecember 2020

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