CFI, CFII based at Boulder, CO

CFI​,​ CFII based at Boulder​,​ CO

Steven S


Available on the Front Range and Nearby Mountain Airports

Lesson Type

  • Private Pilot Instruction
  • Instrument Pilot Instruction
  • Commercial Pilot Instruction
  • High Performance / Complex Instruction
  • Mountain Checkout
  • Aircraft Checkout
  • Safety Pilot
  • Tailwheel Endorsement
  • Night Training

Aircraft Type

  • Single Engine
  • Multi Engine
  • Single Engine (Sea)


Reviews (1)

  • Garth F

    Steve was a great CFI to fly with. Beyond being just an instructor he is also and A&P and long-time Bonanza owner with great knowledge of the Debonair we flew together.

    Garth FJanuary 2021

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