Simple Flight Lesson and Checkride Scheduling

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A good pilot is always learning!

Checkride Now is an online community of pilots, flight instructors, and designated pilot examiners. Together we help general aviation by improving access to flight instruction and proficiency.

Our marketplace helps pilots find flight instructors and examiners to meet their learning objectives. It can be difficult to find an instructor with experience in your aircraft who is available when you have the time to fly. Checkride Now helps pilots find the right instructor with the experience to provide professional instruction. There is often limited availability for timeslots. Pilots want to find an airport or location where they have prior experience, to be more comfortable for the big test. Checkride Now helps pilots find the right time and location so they can focus on their flight training and study for their next rating.

Are you a Flight Instructor?

Checkride Now provides a platform to reach pilots looking for instruction to advance their skills to the next rating to achieve a specific objective like mountain flying, or just staying safe in the aircraft. Typically, pilots have access to an aircraft they privately own or are part of a private club. This often means you will be flying in meticulously maintained planes that don’t have the wear and tear from flight school use. Our service is free to join and we charge a small transaction fee (the greater of 5% or $2) when a flight lesson is booked on the marketplace to cover things like the credit card transaction fees.

Are you a Designated Pilot Examiner?

Checkride Now has scheduled over 300 checkrides since 2018 in Colorado. This has eliminated hours of back-office work required for each checkride and simplified the DMS data entry requirements. Our process makes it easier to manage your service and coordinate your schedule so you have more time for your family and your own flying! Our service is free to join however posting checkrides requires a $99.99/month subscription. Sign up, post your checkride, and we will get in touch!